Testimonial – Vanessa Jewell

In 2010, I moved to Las Vegas from Chattanooga, TN. I was newly divorced and was trying to navigate my new life with my two children in a new city. My life had turned upside down and I was in a place I never dreamed I’d be.

After settling the kids into school, we began to look for a church to attend. We belonged to a United Methodist Church in Chattanooga so we decided to try Desert Spring, as it was the closest church to our new home.

What we found there exceeded my greatest expectations. During my first visit, Pastor Dave talked about the growth of the church. He mentioned that our mission was not to become the biggest mega church. He was interested in meeting the needs of the people who were there. After attending a very large church, this was music to my ears. I knew we had found a home.

I have lived in 7 states and belonged to a church in each of those locations. Desert Spring has proved to be more than a place for my children and me to worship. It is truly a church family. It is a place where we belong and a community of believers who are helping me to raise my two children. It is a place where my children are learning about Christ and where they are not just accepted but where they feel comfortable and loved.

God knew that I needed help with my boys. He brought us to Desert Spring and we haven’t been anywhere else since. It’s a place where people are welcomed, accepted and loved despite their circumstances. I am proud to say that my son and I are members of the church now. My second son will be going through confirmation and joining the church in the winter.

My parents, who live out of state, have visited the church during their visits to Las Vegas. My mother said that she was sitting alone in the narthex and was overwhelmed with the warm greetings she received. Several people came to her to introduce themselves and to welcome her.

My father, who is not a believer, said that Pastor Dave is without a doubt the best preacher he has heard. He attends with my family when he is in town without complaining. (If you know him, you know that there is no explanation for this apart from the Holy Spirit working in this congregation.)

Desert Spring is a place where the Holy Spirit is at work. It’s a place where people are welcomed and the love of Christ can be felt every week. The people there have become my family. God has blessed us beyond my wildest expectations with this congregation.