Testimonial – Tom Washington

To My Church Family,

I want to thank you all for your prayers, hospital and home visits, food, loan of medical equipment and supplies, and the many hours of comforting spiritual advice during my recent illness.

I remember the song I want Jesus to walk with me. Jesus was with me during some very difficult medical experiences in the hospital. You were with me too. I remember all of your calls checking on me and, your many get well cards.

I especially remember a hand written letter from the little grand children of a church member. The children had God’s spirit and love. It had a picture of two painted hands. It had a note inside saying, “We hope your heart feels better.” I thank the children for their thoughts.

God is a super power, and I know that.

We often hear in our church “God is at work in our church.” I am a perfect example. It is true that our church family lives and does God’s work. I can feel it, and I see it every day.

Thomas Washington