Testimonial – Karen Vassallo, Founding Member

“How amazing is to be apart of a church for the past 25 years. Being with this congregation has been a wonderful walk with God at my side.

There are so many memories to look back on as this journey began when moving here from Maine and looking for a church for my family to attend.

I walked into Trinity UMC to find Pastor Ed Ramsey getting ready to leave to begin establishing a new fellowship in the then Northwest. We began with just a few, traveling to meet in areas of Sun City. Each Sunday brought us closer together with the set up and tear down. We started a Sunday school with just a handful of children, Allyson included. We had a small choir and a handbell choir.

My daughter, Allyson, and I have always been blessed with love and support, especially when her dad, my husband, Tom passed away suddenly. We have always been surrounded with an amazing love. Allyson was the first child in Sunday School, and now she and her husband, Ryan, have welcomed two children into their own family!

Throughout the growth…meeting new people, developing strong relationships, having the unique guidance of different pastors…..it has made me a stronger Christian.

How awesome is God to set aside for us this property where it has grown this Church, to foster the love of Jesus Christ with open doors.”