Different Kind of Christmas 2018 Project


GOAL – $50,000

RAISED – $54,000

Congratulations, Desert Spring Church!

Our 2018 goal of raising $50,000 for Cambodia Street Children’s Ministry was surpassed!

We raised $54,000 to help feed, clothe and educate the children living in extreme poverty in Cambodia. You are truly transforming the global community by extending the love of Jesus Christ to people half a world away. God bless you.


Throughout the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh, communities of “shack-towns” are set up. New families arrive weekly joining the squalor.

Children live as “street children” searching for a means to provide for their own survival. Older children are watching over their younger brothers and sisters. Many are living with small groups of other children.

Some children have living parents with HIV/AIDS or other serious ailments; without choices, they entrust their children to orphanages. Recently the Government has moved these marginalized families to communities away from the city where there are no schools, no sources of income, no clean drinking water, and no spiritual, economic, or health access and support.

The goals of the Cambodian Street Children’s Ministry (CSCM) are to provide basic needs to meet day-to-day challenges: clean water, food, clothing, housing, spiritual guidance and community.

But just as important, its goal is to help the children discover the life outside their community of poverty, and that a brighter future is possible!

Through CSCM, children on the margins are provided with survival support. Children are taught respect and trust. Children are provided education and opportunities to build self-esteem. Children are shown how to become effective members of community.

CSCM is a United Methodist Church Global Ministry, and is fully vetted by the United Methodist Church. 100% of your gifts go directly to this ministry.