Signs of Hope – Stewardship 2022

This past year all of us, including our Church, have faced challenges few of us could have foreseen. In many ways, the pandemic brought into focus our need for one another, and the need to care for others. We all have been hoping things will get better.

Of course, hope is one of the truest marks of our faith—we are a people of hope. As a people who have good reasons to be hopeful, our emphasis for the year ahead will focus on SIGNS OF HOPE, including our Stewardship Campaign for 2022.

Our 2022 Ministry Goal is $1,260,000. It is a really big number because we are a really big church that does really big things in service to Christ. 

A Letter from Pastor David

October 28, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Desert Spring Church, through the efforts of so many of you, has provided many signs of hope to our church family and to our community.

We met the challenge to expand our online and outreach
ministries and now have been able to come together in worship and other activities. Your faithfulness and generosity enabled this to happen. I am proud of our accomplishments and blessed to serve among you. You truly are a great church!

As we anticipate the future, this partnership we have with God and one another is crucial for our growing missions and ministries. We know our success only happens with God’s guidance and your generous support. That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in making a commitment to the financial support of our Church.

As your gifts accumulate, so does our impact on the lives of others. I can promise you that your ongoing support has brought life changing decisions and positive changes in the lives of many people! This will continue by the grace of God and our faithful commitment to ministry.

By coming together in mutual love and support, we will succeed in all God sets before us. In a few weeks, there will be an opportunity to make a financial commitment that will enable Desert Spring Church to continue to offer signs of hope for the journey ahead.

With thanks in advance for your generosity,

Pastor Dave

A Letter from Pastor David

November 17, 2021

Dear Beloved Church Family,

Wow! We are so close to finishing a terrific year at Desert Spring Church. We have are weathering the storm of the Covid Virus and are coming through it with our ministries and missions still going strong. It was difficult, but we have kept faith with our goal of bringing Signs of Hope to a hurting world.

YOU have been the essential partner in our efforts to keep touching the lives of others with the Good News of Jesus’ forgiveness and love. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, to keep our church vital. Together we are having a positive impact on others.

Let’s cast a daring vision for 2022, one that is full of hope as we continue to rebuild and expand our efforts to touch people’s lives. Through each pledge of support from you we unite to take actions that transform lives. Remember how our founder, John Wesley, called on us to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” It is a big task and calling. Yet Desert Spring Church members and friends have always risen to the challenge.

My hope is that you will step forward and make a financial pledge that will ensure Desert Spring Church moves forward with strength. We are the hope of the world!

Please let us know that Desert Spring Church can count on your continued, kind support for 2022. Prayerfully consider your pledge for 2022. You can bring your pledge card to worship or the church office, complete it online, or mail it to Desert Spring UMC, 120 N. Pavilion Center Drive, Las Vegas NV 89144-4009.

With thanks in advance for your generosity,

Pastor Dave

  • 10 Reasons to Pledge

    1. It’s a place where everyone is welcome, and all can find deeper spiritual connections with God and one another.
    2. Here we experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and discover a life of purpose serving God.
    3. It’s a place where together we make a meaningful difference in the lives of people across Clark County and beyond.
    4. Here wonderful music lifts our spirits.
    5. It’s a place of positive experiences for our children and youth as we help them grow in their faith.
    6. Here inspiring messages of hope, encouragement, and challenge are offered.
    7. It’s a place made up of people who share their love and friendship in community with one another.
    8. Here we commit to one another to make transforming ministry happen.
    9. It’s a place that feeds the hungry, helps the homeless, and welcomes the stranger in the name of Jesus.
    10. Here we offer our thanks through giving.

Mission and Ministry Highlights – Signs of Hope 2021

All Made Possible Through Your Support

Desert Spring Community Resource Center
The DSCRC, in partnership with Three Square, continues to provide needed food for families through mobile food distribution and a food pantry.

Sandy Valley Mission
The Sandy Valley Mission, in partnership with Keystone, continues to provide food and has added health care opportunities in Sandy Valley.

Family Promise Ministry
We provide needed resources for homeless families working through the Family Promise program, helping them gain stability through employment and homes.

Hopeful Hundreds Ministry
We provided almost $20,000 in financial support for families negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund
This allowed us to provide an additional $10,000 to those in need.

New Members Welcomed
We never stop welcoming new people into our family and fellowship.

Pastor Dave’s Messages
In-person and online, Pastor Dave brought inspiring and life changing messages and challenges through his terrific preaching and Bible studies.

Flu Shots
Working to keep people healthy, we made flu vaccinations available.

A Water Well in Ghana
This well brought fresh, safe water to an African community in Ghana.

Spread the Word Nevada
Our successful book drive collected over 50 boxes of books to support this organization’s goal of advancing early childhood literacy.

Online Ministries
We expanded our online/virtual ministry with worship services, Bible studies, small group meetings, fellowship opportunities, a podcast, and more to keep us together during and beyond the pandemic. We reached out far beyond the Las Vegas community through these efforts.

In-Person Ministries
Never did we cease to touch the lives of our church family directly when needed. We reopened Children’s and Youth ministries and in-person fellowship activities. Opportunities are also available to support service projects, office staff, Choir and Praise Band, and more!

Our Budget
Even through some Covid caused shortfalls, Desert Spring Church kept all these missions and ministries, and more, reaching out to serve each other and our communities.

2022 Operating Fund Pledge Form