How Will You Answer the Questions of Jesus? Sermon Series

Part One – Sunday, Jan. 7

“Who Do You Say That I Am?”
Jesus could have asked this question anywhere at any time. Do we understand this question? Who do YOU say he is?

Part Two – Sunday, Jan. 14

“What Do You Want Me to Do for You?”
What do you want from Jesus?

Part Three – Sunday, Jan. 21

“Why Do You Worry?”
There is a lot to worry about! The kind of worry Jesus was talking about has to do with us thinking, “it is all up to me.” But is it?

Part Four – Sunday, Jan. 28

“Why are You Crying?”
Jesus wants us to speak our pain. Speaking of our pain is important to receiving the good news. Our tears are the window to new beginnings.

Part Five – Sunday, Feb. 4

“Why Do You See the Speck in your Neighbor’s Eye but Don’t Notice the Log in Your Own?”
It is easier to judge than to care, to forgive, to help. Judgment says more about the person judging that it does about you. Let’s see each other for who we are!

Part Six – Sunday, Feb. 11

“Do You Still Not Understand?”
How much does Jesus need to do for us in order for us to trust him?