There are many ways to give in the name of God. We are a people of relationships and community, and therefore make it our passion to embody the work of Christ every day. Some of us give of our talents at Sunday worship by joining the choir or usher team. Some of us give of our hearts by volunteering to feed the homeless or chaperone the youth group.

If you are able to make a financial contribution, we encourage you to give as you can and in the name of God. As an important part of any church, Desert Spring is able to provide you fast, easy and secure ways to make contributions to the Body of Christ.

To get started with text-to-give donations, 

text the word "give" to (833) 837-2895.

Endowment Living Legacy

What do you want your legacy to be?

Dear Church Family,

Desert Spring Church has become a growing and vibrant ministry in our community. It is a key part of my life and my faith and it likely is part of yours also. It has supported many new ministries that have been the joy of our members. Your current giving provides for this. I would love for it to continue to grow and impact people’s lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have you ever wished that you could help Desert Spring expand its ministries well into the future? Do you have funds that could help this now or when you pass on to glory? Might you want a guaranteed income for yourself with a remainder ultimately to go to the church? Might you want to give a gift as part of your will or even earlier? Would you like giving to be part of your legacy, and would you like tax deduction now for it? Are you unsure exactly how to do this?

While you could use financial vehicles to continue to provide to the church’s General Fund or designated gift funds, you could consider contributing to one of the church’s endowment funds, to provide long-term, ongoing support. 

Endowments allow three areas of the church to be funded for the long term. The three areas are: Living Legacy (to fund future initiatives of the church), choir section leads, and Stephen Ministry. 

Your donations to the endowment funds are invested by the church, and the proceeds from the investments fund ministries. The principal donation money is not spent, and so, by using your donations in this manner, they continue to live on and allow regular giving to the ministries of the church.

In Christ,

Paul Kimmel, Endowment Team Leader

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