NASCAR Youth Fundraiser

NASCAR is back!

Once again, Desert Spring Church will be running three souvenir stands at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to support Youth Ministries with their Summer Mission trips.

Volunteers 16 years and older are needed, with the exception of Set Up Day.

Carpooling from the church to Las Vegas Motor Speedway is available.

Saturday, February 24. Set Up Stands
All are welcome. This is the one day where age doesn’t matter. Bring the whole family!

Friday March 1st. Race Day
We currently have 4 and a half shifts covered out of 9. If you are available to help open, close or work all day we could use the help.

Saturday March 2nd. Race Day
We have 3 volunteers able to work 7 am to 1 pm Could use some closers after them. We have one mid shift and could use any help as well.

Sunday March 3rd. Race Day
We currently have 8 out of 12 open to close shifts covered. This will be the busiest day of the weekend. Last year we did $60,000 on Sunday alone.

Food Helpers to Prepare and Deliver at the Track
We could use assistance all three days. If you are available to help make and deliver food, please let us know. One day or more. All the help will be appreciated.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to help, or if you have questions. We will get in touch. Thank you!

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