Making Room: Hospitality & the Christian Life Sermon Series

On Sunday, September 10, Pastor David will begin a new sermon series titled, “Making Room: Hospitality and the Christian Life.”

Welcoming and inclusion are core values at Desert Spring Church. Let’s learn about why people need Jesus and the Church, how to embody love, and get practical tips for living a hospitable Christian life.

September 10 – “The Foundation of Hospitality”

Hospitality begins with 3 fundamental questions. Being able to answer these questions is important to building a culture of hospitality. The Christian life is about making room for people to join us.

September 17 – “Insiders and Outsiders”

In the Gospels, who is allowed to join in? Who is excluded? Let’s turn to Matthew 22:1-14 to read a metaphor about this very thing.

September 24 – “Practical Advice for Christians”

Jesus equates hospitality with expressing love as well as salvation. Let’s talk about 5 practical ways to live out our Christian values of hospitality.

October 1 – “Communion and Unity”

Christians are human! Let’s turn to 1 Corinthians to read about some behaviors among early Christians that worked against unity and the will of God.