Music Ministries

Although Desert Spring will have no physical worship or meetings

until further notice, we are hosting worship and meetings online. 

Our current Church Online offerings are here >>

Let's stay connected!

  • Chancel Choir - Summerlin location

    Chancel Choir continues to grow and learn to share God's Word through music for both the 8:00am and 9:30am worship services at our Summerlin location.  

    Desert Spring has been blessed with a deep well of talent - some of it sitting undiscovered in the congregation. We welcome new singers. All vocal parts and skill levels are welcome!

    We present a variety of types of music, incorporating soloists, small groups and instrumentation as much as possible. In addition, every effort is made to coordinate the music with Pastor’s sermon topic.

    We rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm – 8:40 pm in the Sanctuary.

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  • Scholarship Singers

    Welcome to our amazing UNLV Scholarship Singers - 

    Sarah Kim (who is also our Handbell Choir Director), and Aaron Pendleton (shown left).

    These talented people are adding their voices to the Chancel Choir as we sing praises to our Lord.

  • Praise Band

    The Praise Band helps us worship by playing a variety of contemporary Christian music. 

    Vocalists are supported by electric and acoustic instruments and percussion.

    Summerlin Praise Band rehearsal is held at 6:30pm on Thursday evening.

    Northwest Praise Band rehearsal is held at 7:30am Sunday morning, before 9:00am worship.

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  • Handbells - Summerlin Location

    substitute ringers needed - join us!

    The Handbell musicians enrich our traditional worship services regularly. We are always looking for new ringers, and we add new octaves to our range regularly.  We are currently recruiting two more ringers who can read music.

    We rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm - 7:30pm in the Sanctuary.

    You are always welcome. 

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  • Mellowtones Big Band

    Mellowtones are Desert Spring's own big band. Mellowtones perform at special events at the church and across the valley. 

    Mellowtones also provide music in the traditional services, either en masse or as smaller sections to augment anthems and hymns. 

    One of our favorite Sundays of the year is Big Band Sunday when the full band joins us for our traditional worship services.  

    Mellowtones rehearse at 7:00pm Thursday evenings.

  • Orchestra

    Desert Spring  hosts orchestra musicians who support choral music for special events and special worship services, such as Easter and Christmas Eve.