Different Kind of Christmas 2021

Congratulations, Desert Spring Church!

You raised $108,000 for Family Promise of Las Vegas, and $8,000 for Soaring Unlimited in Haiti, for a total of $116,000. Our goal of $107,000 was surpassed!

Your love and care for people who need help will make a difference for generations to come. Well done, good and faithful servants!

This year, we partnered with Family Promise, a local organization that helps homeless families work their way out of homelessness and into homes, work, and stability. The organization has a very high success rate, and we have been blessed to work with them assisting families in the program for many years.

For years, Family Promise housed families in the program at local churches, then each day vans would pick up the families and take them to another location for their classes, training and more. The pandemic has changed how Family Promise is able to best support families in the program.

Early in 2022 Family Promise will begin construction on a facility that will provide everything families in the program need in one location. Families will be housed in the facility in “Bridge” apartments. All the training and resourcing need for families will take place in the facility as well.

There will be many opportunities for Desert Spring to work hands on with families, and we look forward to the opportunity to volunteer our time with Family Promise.