To register for the “When We Pray” spiritual growth retreat, please use the link below to print the form. Print one form per person. Mail the form and payment to:

United Women in Faith
Desert Spring United Methodist Church
120 N. Pavilion Center Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89144


United Women in Faith Spiritual Growth Retreat

United Women in Faith is the country’s largest faith-based organization for women with approximately 800,000 members. United Women in Faith works with deaconesses and missionaries all over the world sharing their time, talent, and gifts from God.

Here at Desert Spring Church, our United Women in Faith members will share their time, talent and gifts through a spiritual growth retreat entitled “When We Pray,” led by Clair Hart. We invite you to join us in the Multipurpose room to listen, hear, laugh, and pray together with us. We will learn more about prayer, praying, and prayers in the Bible.

We welcome you to join us on Saturday, August 17 from 9:00 am to 3pm. Come and be a part of the discussion, walk in the outdoor labyrinth, pray quietly in the meditation room, hear prayer in many languages, sing the prayers of the Lord and have community over lunch.

Registration is $15 and includes a box lunch. Deadline to register is August 11.

All women are welcome.