Sermon Series: Unconditional: Love Is as Love Does

What would happen if we stopped worrying about a challenging world filled with difficult people and instead decided to love everybody? In this series, we will learn about loving like Jesus does.

Sunday, January 9 – “Love Where You Live”

Let’s begin by loving people where we are – investing in the lives of people who are our neighbors. While it is easy to agree with Jesus that loving others is important, love is as love does – and what better place to begin than with the people we see all the time.

Sunday, January 16 – “Drawing the Circle Wider”

Picture a tree where you can see the rings. Using that as an example of loving people, we will look a few rings out at people we encounter as we go about our lives.

Sunday, January 23 – “Don’t Forget You Matter Too”

Jesus’ great commandment calls us to love God, love others and love ourselves. If we are going to love everyone, we are included! Do you love yourself? We can love big because we know who we are, people who are loved in a big way.

Sunday, January 30 – “Remember Those Who Are Most Fragile”

We are a new creation. So, what does this new creation look like? Jesus tell us love. And love is as love does. Who in your life needs to experience love? Jesus challenges us to reach further than we otherwise might choose to do – to love people who are the most fragile because Jesus loves them.

Sunday, February 6 – “Loving the Unlovable”

It is normal for human beings to avoid people they don’t want to be around. But Jesus did the opposite. He sought out and engaged with the people others avoided. And we are followers of Jesus. Remember, if we refuse to love some people, we can’t be perfected in love – it is like reading only half the Bible. We are missing out of joy that is possible!