Youth leaders (Lindsey & Katie) on one of the trust/team-building elements of the low-ropes course that is harder than it looks. It requires communication for those on the ropes, and trust in those surrounding them. It requires everyone to show up and bring their own strengths to the team.


The Wednesday Word Devotional for July 12, 2023.

“Faithfulness” by Julie Hart, Director of Connectional Ministries

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, FAITHFULNESS, 23 gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

As I sat down to write this week’s devotional on faithfulness, the first thing that came to my mind was the parable of the talents. This is the parable of the master who gives talents (currency) to three of his servants. Two of the servants invest theirs and turn a profit. The third buries his to keep it safe and does not earn a profit. The master condemns the third servant for this because he did not use what was given to him. He didn’t even try.

This parable is about money, which most people can relate to; but I have always thought of this parable in terms of the talents (God-given abilities) that I have been blessed with. When I think about what it is I want my life to stand for, I think about the words that I long to hear at the end of my life. I hope that when I am at the end of my life, I will find reassurance in knowing that I did my best with what I was given to work with. And I hope that when that day comes, God will welcome me home with open arms saying “Well done, good and faithful servant, well done.”

So what do I need to do while I am on this earth in order to hear those words spoken by God? I need to be someone that others can believe in and rely on. I need to live my life honoring my word and giving my best. I need to invest what I have been given in order to multiply the Kingdom of Heaven while here on this earth. In other words, I need to show up! And keep showing up… even when it’s hard, messy, or exhausting.

Faithfulness is less about what and how much we give and more about our level of commitment. For me, it requires frequent assessing and re-assessing of my time, talent, gifts, service, and witnessing to others. These are some questions that help me take stock of how I am doing in my faithfulness fruit.

TIME: Are my days/weeks/months/years spent investing in my physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and well-being? And the well-being of others?

TALENT: Most people have more talent than I have, but in what ways am I using my unique skill set?

GIFTS: Many people have more money than I have, but how much of my money am I willing to let go of to help others?

SERVICE: There are a lot of things that I say “yes” to, but are some of my yeses causing me to say no to the wrong things?

WITNESS: Am I living my life in a way that shines God’s light? Am I speaking to others about the many amazing ways in which God is showing up in my life?

This week, I invite you to do your own faithfulness inventory. Maybe even jot down the ways that you are spending your time, using your talents, sharing your gifts, showing up to serve, and witnessing to others.

Dear God,

You have given me so much in this life, and you ask so little of me. Let my actions and decisions on this day get me closer to entering your kingdoms as a faithful servant someday.


Wishing you a fruitful day,

julie 🙂