Spread the Word Nevada – Volunteer Opportunities

Spread the Word Nevada (STWNV) is a Nevada nonprofit agency who support literacy in Nevada schools.  STWNV distributed more than 224,000 books and reached 23,769 students during the 2020-2021 school year.

Spread the Word Nevada was the recipient of Desert Spring’s A Different Kind of Christmas in 2017.

Desert Spring Church collected over 400 books at the 2020 Fall Drop-off Book Drive.  Books collected through the book drives are distributed to children and their families or sold to raise funds to purchase new books.  Save your used books for the next book drive and watch this space for the date!

Each month before the pandemic began, Desert Spring Church volunteers gathered to clean donated books to prepare them for distribution to children.  Book preparation has resumed at the STWNV warehouse in Henderson.  Volunteers may sign up online at https://app.donorview.com/5yORP

On a weekly basis before the pandemic began, Desert Spring volunteers met one on one with children at their school as Reading Buddies. They helped children practice and improve their reading skills.

Desert Spring volunteers also helped distribute books at Monthly Breakfast with Books or Snacks with Books events where hundreds of children would pick books to take home for their very own.

Visit Spread the Word Nevada’s website at Spread the Word Nevada for more information about their programs and find out how you can volunteer.  Check back regularly for updates on when Desert Spring Church volunteer activities will resume.