Sandy Valley Food Pantry Update – May, 2021

During the month of May, 2021, the Sandy Valley Food Pantry gave food to 365 households which represented approximately 1,100 people for the month. We are also serving the town of  Goodsprings, Nevada.

The pantry is going strong and we appreciate everyone’s help and all the donations from the church. Dan and Joel, are such a great help to us and we always look forward to seeing you on delivery days.

Hope Christian healthcare arranged to come out to Sandy Valley and set up a family practice medical clinic every other Friday (depending on need). The goal was to serve 8 people, but we exceeded that and served 9 people and could have served 4 more. So, on the next clinic day, they are going to stay a full day. Their staff was great and we are looking forward to getting more people connected to medical services out here.

Thank you!

Lisa Garcia and Sarah Isola, Sandy Valley Food Pantry Staff