Revival – New Sermon Series begins September 12

This Sermon Series focuses on John Wesley, who is the founder of the Methodist movement.

We will connect John Wesley’s message and his faith to us today— and revive our hearts and souls so that we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

September 12 – “Precursors to Revival.” Young John’s early life and faith lessons learned, including the temptation to turn away from God when opposition comes.

September 19 – “A Longing for Holiness.” John’s waning faith and discovery of the impossibility of being half a Christian.

September 26 – “A Crisis of Faith.” John begins to focus on rules and works in trying to earn God’s favor. Then, came a storm at sea and John learns the grace and acceptance of God.

October 3 – “The Necessity of Grace.” John begins inviting others into a saving faith, and preaches about free grace to all. Grace opens us up to experience more grace!

October 10 – “Works of Mercy.” John’s faith included personal piety and social holiness. We grow in our faith when we practice works of mercy.

October 17 – “Persevering to the End.” John’s messages are not always well received. Over time, John became a voice for the poor and needy. John’s faith engaged his head, heart and hands. It’s time for Revival in our lives!