Revival 2.0 Sermon Series

Our next sermon series will begin on Sunday, April 24 and is “Revival 2.0”.

The focus of the series is on what is most important to United Methodist’s today – the heart of a United Methodist and what it means to be a part of this movement that began in the 1700s.

April 24 – “One and Only One True God.”
We begin at the beginning, with the single most fundamental belief of United Methodists, and of the Christian faith – that there is one and only one true God.

May 8 – “The Centrality of Jesus and the Work of the Holy Spirit”
Let’s learn about the Jesus the person and his work. When we see Jesus, we can see something of the very nature of God. The work of Jesus leads us to atonement and why his death on the cross matters to our lives. Of course, it is not only Jesus’ death that matters to us, but also his life and what he teaches us about how to live.

At the heart of the Methodist movement is the recognition of the importance of the Holy spirit in life, conversion, and faithfulness. We experience the work of the Holy Spirit in lots of ways because it is the Holy Spirit that is the conduit for grace.

May 15 – “The Means of Grace”
Grace is a gift of the Holy Spirit. The gift the Holy Spirit gives us is love, and it comes to us in different ways throughout our lives.

May 22 – “Social Holiness”
Over time, the understanding of what social holiness requires has changed. We think of slavery, or equality for women. We are always growing in our understanding of what faithfulness requires. How does the church navigate change when it comes to what we believe we need to do?

May 29 – “The Role of the Church”
Church is a gift from God given to us. It is a body of people joined together to serve God and through whom God works in this world. What is our calling as a church?