Reflections on the Psalms, Creation and the Human Experience Sermon Series

Pastor David begins a new six-part sermon series on Sunday, July 30, 2023.

Sunday, July 30. Part one theme, “Providence of God”. My help comes from the Lord who created heaven and earth! How does help come through the challenging and difficult circumstances of life?

Sunday, August 6. Part two theme, “Rejoice”. This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. How do we rejoice in days when there are storm clouds growing and the storm hits us out of nowhere?

Sunday, August 13. Part three theme, “Praise”. Let’s consider the impact of recent scientific discoveries on our understanding of God. We will find all the more reason to praise our Creator God!

Sunday, August 20. Part four theme, “Be Still and Savor the Day”. In Psalm 46, we hear songs of praise that we always have a place of refuge that is always with us – our Loving God.

Sunday, August 27. Part five theme, “A Life Parable”. I will share a story of a camping trip. The story is a parable about the importance of God’s signs in our everyday life, singing praise during frightening times, and how it is that when we experience a little of God’s grace we long for more.

Sunday, September 3. Part six theme, “Contentment”. In a world of injustice, it is easy to become discouraged. Our contentment is rooted in faithfulness to God’s call and trusting that God will use what we have to offer, and that is enough.