A Beginners Guide to Kingdom Living Sermon Series

Pastor David begins a new sermon series on Sunday, July 17 called, “A Beginners Guide to Kingdom Living.”

July 17 – Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes outline how we should love with God and others. But the first hearers of the sermon would have thought of the blessings and stuff of their daily lives. Let’s talk about the meaning of what the terms “blessed are” or “happy are” meant to people 2,000 years ago and what it means to living our lives today.

July 24 – Jesus does not do away with the law of Moses, he gets to the heart of the matter in order that we keep the law of Moses. He does so by speaking on his own authority, “I say to you,” separating himself from the practices of other teachers. In the process he helps us understand how to lie out the law within the reign of God.

August 7 – Let’s move through the Lord’s Prayer, unpacking each verse by giving attention to what it meant to first century Jewish people and what it means to us today.

August 14 – Jesus says not to store up treasure on earth but rather store up treasure in heaven. In ancient Israel, to put a coin in the hand of someone in need was to make an offering at the altar of God. What do we have to offer God?

August 21 – We live in a time when judging others has become a form of entertainment. Jesus reminded us to not be judgmental. Don’t think of yourself as somehow better than others. Don’t hold people to a different standard than you hold yourself. Remember that the judgments we pass say something about our lives and our brokenness and our need for the healing grace of God.

August 28 – Jesus says the gate is narrow and the path is difficult that leads to life and few travel it. Jesus shows us the baggage we need to unload to make it through the narrow gate. Anger, hatred, judgmentalism, worry, false piety, etc. With God all things are possible!