Matriarchs of the Faith – Their Stories, Our Stories

New Sermon Series – Sunday, June 27 to Sunday, August 8

Each of the seven sermons in this series will tell the story of the Matriarch and point out connections between their story and our story. We will wrestle with significant lessons from their stories.

June 27 – “Sarai/Sarah and Life in the Kingdom of the Absurd.” Have you ever found yourself laughing at the absurdity of what God asks of you? Have you ever experienced the God 0f surprises?

July 4 – “Esther: For Such a Time as This.” God invites us to be a part of God’s unfolding plan, but God won’t wait on us forever. If we don’t step up, God calls forth someone else! How has God prepared you for such a time as this?

July 11 – “Mary, Mother of Jesus and the Power of Incarnation.” God indwells the everydayness of human lives. But, of course, we get busy and miss the promise of incarnation. Do you ever forget that God is with us? Do you ever depend upon your own power instead of the promise of God’s power and presence?

July 18 – “The Samaritan Woman at the Well.” Jesus treated an unnamed, lonely, isolated woman as a valued child of God and gave us the example for how to live our lives. As a result, she ran back to town to tell people of Jesus! The living water brought her healing. Our world is parched and in need of the Living Water!

July 25 – “Mary of Bethany.” Mary demonstrates the extravagant love of God. Where do we draw the line beyond which our love won’t extend? How much is too much of ourselves to give?

August 1 – “Mary Magdalene.” Are there times in your life when your faith is stagnant? When you do not expect God to do anything? How do we experience Jesus in our lives?

August 8 – “Tabitha.” We don’t know a whole lot about Tabitha, but we do know that she had a ministry with other women, one that impacted their lives in powerful ways. Her ministry was simple–she sewed clothing for women who needed help. We all have gifts and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others.