Our Purpose

We welcome all people to discover and live a life of purpose through Jesus Christ, as together we make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Our Values

Inclusivity: All people are beloved children of God

Hope: Our best days are before us

Trust: God equips us for a life of purpose

Outwardly Looking: We seek to be a blessing to others

Joy: We celebrate God’s gifts

Our Culture

Culture - How & Why We Do What We Do

Every church has a culture. Our culture includes our spiritual practices, our traditions, our ways of working together and more. 

At Desert Spring, we are developing a culture built on trust. We choose to trust God and to trust each other and to act upon that trust in ways that empower people to be faithful to what it is God calls them to do. We call this aspect of our culture "Permission Giving" and it is how we go about doing our ministry. 

In addition, by developing deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ, our culture includes the "Fruit of the Spirit" that St. Paul speaks of in Galatians 5:22-23; people who are developing as deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ grow in the "Fruit of the Spirit." This "Fruit of the Spirit" is fundamental to the culture of Desert Spring United Methodist Church. Here people will experience the Joy of the Lord; they will experience love and kindness and gentleness and peace. This is our culture; it is what directs how we carry out our ministry. 

Our Journey

Journey - How We Develop Deeply Committed Followers of Jesus Christ.

At Desert Spring, we are intentional about "Developing Deeply Committed followers of Jesus Christ."

Our journey begins in worship. During worship, some people will be touched by the Holy Spirit and decide to become followers of Jesus Christ. Others, who already are followers of Jesus, will be touched by the Spirit in ways that deepen their faith.

Our journey includes three "Pathways," each of which helps develop deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ. 

One Pathway we call "Head" -- here we commit ourselves to learning scripture and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 

One Pathway we call "Heart" -- here we experience the presence of Christ who leads us. 

One Pathway we call "Hands" -- here we do the work of ministry, serving Christ, serving others and transforming the greater community.

Over time, following Jesus includes all three Pathways: Head, Heart and Hands; deepening our faith requires all three. However, whether we are just beginning to follow Jesus Christ or preparing to take the next step in our faith journey, there is a right next Pathway for each of us.

Each Pathway can be strengthened by attending workshops and short-term service opportunities that make it easy to take the right next step along the journey of faith. And each Pathway can also be strengthened by committing to long-term education and service opportunities. Both will deepen an already existing base of faith in Jesus Christ.

For those uncertain about how to take the next step along the Pathway, the "Discovery" class is designed to help people understand how God works in our lives and how God chooses to work through us to make a purposeful difference in this world. The Discovery class is an essential part of the process and, as such, is one class we encourage everyone to take. The Discovery Class is offered several times each year.

It is our intention that all members of the church will be involved in Pathway development, as described above.