NASCAR – Youth Fundraiser

Each year, Desert Spring Youth’s largest fundraiser is our NASCAR weekends at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Youth age 16 and up as well as adult volunteers set up booths and sell souvenirs. The funds raised goes toward our Summer Youth Mission Trips.

Our next NASCAR race takes place on Friday, March 3 – Sunday, March 5.

Once again we will be running three locations.

Sunday the 26th
Training session in the youth lounge from 12 to 12:30 pm. This is for set up and day of races for new information on how we have to set up each location. Tee shirts will be passed out.

Here is where we are needing the most help:

Set up Wednesday and Thursday the 1st and 2nd.
We have 10 volunteers on Wednesday the 1st and 9 volunteers for Thursday the 2nd. More room is there for 3 locations but it is in good shape. We always take more help setting up.

Friday the 3rd of March
We have 5 working all day. We could use one or two more in the morning. We have 2 coming to help in the afternoon. I just need to confirm what time they will be on property. Ideally 9 for the day would be best. 2 or 3 more needed.

Saturday the 4th of March
We have 8 1/2 shifts covered. I would like to have the other closing shift covered if possible. anything from 11 to 1 pm arriving till we close for the day.

Sunday the 5th of March
Here is the bg need. We only have 7 shifts covered. We would like to have 12 shifts throughout the day. This should be the busiest day and we will have to count all of the inventory at night. HELP is needed for this day.

Remember we will schedule as needed and work around what everyone is able to cover

NASCAR Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Interest Form