NASCAR Youth Fundraiser Results

The checkered flag has fallen, and the race has been won. The Youth Group were in the winner’s circle this March. We have not seen sales like this since before the pandemic! Each year, volunteers sell souvenirs at three locations during the NASCAR races. March 2018 held the record for highest profit of near $8700. Depending on how all the numbers fall, our Youth Group will net a profit of over $8900. We cannot thank our wonderful volunteers enough! They braved wind and cold to help with this fundraiser. As always, the food provided by the Youth Directors was wonderful. We never have to worry about going hungry.

Mark your calendars for October 13th – 15th as we look forward to NASCAR’s fall race. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway tell us that if we can get enough volunteers we can go to a fourth location – which means the potential of more profit. October is always a smaller event, but we could do very well depending on the weather. More information will go out as we get closer to the event. Again, thank you all for your support of our Youth Group!