Prayer & Care Giving Ministries

  • Confidential prayer request form

    If you or someone you know needs confidential prayer support, please fill out our prayer request form.  These prayer requests are NOT shared with the e-mail prayer chain.

    Our Prayer Team meets once a week, and are glad to include your requests in their prayers. We respect your privacy and maintain your information in strict confidence. 

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  • Join the e-mail prayer chain

    If you would like to lift up the prayers that are shared as part of our e-mail prayer chain, please fill out the form below.

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  • Stephen Ministry

    Stephen Ministers provide confidential, one-to-one Christ-centered emotional and spiritual support to anyone who is grieving, suffering a serious or life threatening illness or experiencing a life-altering transition, challenge or crisis.

  • Pastor's partners

    calls & visits to church family members

    Pastor’s Partners was formed to care for members of our congregation who are in the hospital or unable to attend church regularly. Church family members enjoy a friendly call or visit from a Pastor's Partners volunteer.

    If you would enjoy a call or visit from a Pastor’s Partners volunteer, please fill out the short form here >>

     “So then, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

    Volunteers are needed! This is a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with your church family by calling or visiting folks who would enjoy it. 

    For more information on joining Pastor's Partners, 

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  • Support Groups

    Grief Support Group

    Meets the 1st Sunday of each month at 3:30pm in the Conference Room.

    There are many reasons that we experience grief. It could be the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a loss of a job….any number of reasons. 

    If you are grieving, we would like to walk with you through this time.

    Leader - Sally Rogers,

    Cancer Support Group

    Meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at 1:00pm.

    This group is for cancer patients as well as partners or friends of cancer patients. 

    This is a ‘faith based’ group. We share our experiences with one another and support one another in prayer. We believe a positive attitude helps the body to heal. Sometimes during the month we might need a phone call or email to encourage us…and we find others in our group are always available to us when we need it most.

    You may think that ‘cancer support group’ sounds like a downer. But we have lots of laughter and share amazing journeys.  

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry

    Thursdays, 7:00pm

    Over the course of our prayer shawl ministry, we have distributed hundreds of prayer shawls which remind the receiver that someone cares about them and is praying for them.

    The prayer shawls are made by the Prayer Shawl Ministry whose members meet in the conference room each Thursday evening at 7:00pm to knit.

    You don't knit? No problem! We love to teach. We also use looms to create the shawls for each year's confirmation class. We provide the looms, yarn and lessons for these.

    Come join us! 

  • Senior Care Giving Ministries

    Handy helper to the rescue!

    Our Senior Care Giving Ministries helps our seniors with small household chores and repairs.

    Are you unable to climb ladders to change batteries or light bulbs?
    Do you have a small home repair? Let us know! We are happy to help.

  • Endowment Team

    What do you want your legacy to be?

    From Paul Kimmel, Endowment Team Leader:

    Desert Spring Church has become a growing and vibrant ministry in our community. It is a key part of my life and my faith and it likely is part of yours also. It has supported many new ministries that have been the joy of our members. Your current giving provides for this. I would love for it to continue to grow and impact people’s lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Have you ever wished that you could help Desert Spring expand its ministries well into the future? Do you have funds that could help this now or when you pass on to glory? Might you want a guaranteed income for yourself with a remainder ultimately to go to the church? Might you want to give a gift as part of your will or even earlier? Would you like giving to be part of your legacy, and would you like tax deduction now for it? Are you unsure exactly how to do this?

    While you could use financial vehicles to continue to provide to the church’s General Fund or designated gift funds, you could consider contributing to one of the church’s endowment funds, to provide long-term, ongoing support. Endowments allow three areas of the church to be funded for the long term. The three areas are: Living Legacy (to fund future initiatives of the church), choir section leads, and Stephen Ministry. Your donations to the endowment funds are invested by the church, and the proceeds from the investments fund ministries. The principal donation money is not spent, and so, by using your donations in this manner, they continue to live on and allow regular giving to the ministries of the church.

    Paul Kimmel, Endowment Team Leader is happy to answer your questions about methods of current and legacy giving. 

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