In The Garden – New Sermon Series

Pastor David will begin a new sermon series on Sunday, June 4, “In the Garden: Temptation, Redemption and Being Human.”

In this sermon series, we will be learning about three Biblical gardens. We begin the series in the Garden of Eden, then move to the Garden of Redemption, and wind up in the Garden found in the book of Revelation. Along the way we will learn about good relationships, temptations, sin, resurrection, and fulfillment.

June 4: “Garden of Eden and Paradise Lost”

Eden is a metaphor for good relationships. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents temptation and its power. Lest we see our exit from the garden as an act of God, remember how the story ends – God provides for us and then leaves with us.

June 11: “The Garden of Redemption”

Jesus fought with the power of temptation. What overcame its power is, “Not my will but thine be done, O God.” After seeing the resurrected Jesus, Mary mistook him for a gardener. Don’t miss the image – Jesus had been doing some hard work in the garden!

June 25: “Reversing Eden, Restoring Paradise”

Jesus’ death and resurrection overcomes the power and consequences of sin. Yet the fulfillment is not complete. Sin continues in this world. We long for fulfillment – to live in perfect relationship with God and with each other!