Hand Bell Choir

The Hand Bell Choir has been alive and active at Desert Spring for many years.

To ring in a hand bell choir, it is helpful if you can read music.  However, we do make pieces playable for non-readers by color-coding your notes.  Counting to 4 is a big plus, though!

Hand bells are for all ages and some of our best ringers come from students and adults who play or have played band and orchestra instruments and the piano.

If you have ever rung in a bell choir, we are always looking for substitute ringers.  Please let us know if you or someone in your family is interested in ringing with us by filling out THIS SHORT FORM.

Desert Spring’s Hand Bell Choir began with 4 ringers ringing 4-in-hand bells and has grown to a choir of 12 ringing individual bells.  Each bell represents a key on a piano and our music is written much like keyboard music.  Most ringers ring 2-3 bells with more advanced ringers able to ring 2-in-hand.

Desert Spring is blessed to own a 5 octave set of hand bells reaching 1 ½ octaves below middle C in the bass clef and 3 octaves above middle C in the treble clef.  We also have 2 ½ octaves of hand chimes which make beautiful ethereal music alone or within a hand bell piece.

We currently have one active hand bell choir.  Prayerfully, after Covid subsides, we will be able to offer more opportunities for ringers. We would love to form new choirs from grade school to mid/senior high and adult.