God’s Grace & Blessings – Reprint of May 12, 2020 Devotional

Today’s devotional is a reprint of one I wrote in May 2020. This and the next three Wednesday devotionals are reprints of some of my favorite devotionals. I hope they are just as meaningful today as they were a year ago. Pastor Dave.

Pastor David’s devotional for May 12, 2020

Psalm 67:1-2

“Let God grant us grace and bless us; let God make his face shine on us, so that your way becomes known on earth”

Once again, I am sitting outside in our back yard enjoying a beautiful morning. The wind through the trees is like music that accompanies the songs of the birds nearby. Psalm 67 comes to my mind because on a morning like this, it is pretty easy to think about all the grace I have received, all the blessings that are ours. In my mind, I like to distinguish between blessings and grace (though I am aware that it is an artificial differentiation—grace is a blessing and blessings are grace). As I think about blessings, certainly the time I have had with my family in recent weeks comes to mind. Geri reminded me during breakfast on Mother’s Day that this year was the first time in 30 years we have had breakfast together on Mother’s Day. (I told her I hoped it was worth the wait!) Though life is far from perfect right now, it is not hard to count my blessings.

Of course, one of my greatest blessings is the all the grace I have received. We talk about this often in church: how it is that grace brings us to the faith, saves us from our sins, and grows us in our faith. In recent weeks, grace has been working overtime in my life. As I have come face to face with the reality that so much of my ministry is changing, I find myself all the more reliant upon God for wisdom, strength, and guidance for my ministry moving forward. As a result, I feel a bit closer to God, and all the more blessed.

Psalm 67 reminds us that the grace we have received, and all God’s blessings, are not just about our lives. “Let God grant us grace and bless us…SO THAT your (God’s) way becomes known on earth.” We are blessed go be a blessing to others. So, as I give thanks to God for time with family, a question comes to mind: How can my time with family become a blessing to someone else? And, as I give thanks to God for the closeness I feel right now, another question comes to mind: How can this gift of grace become a blessing to others? These are “faithfulness” questions for me today. Maybe they are for you as well.

Psalm 67 casts a beautiful vision of the results of the faithfulness of the people of God: “Let the people thank you, God! Let all people thank you! Let the people celebrate and sing for joy.” I love that picture of what faithfulness accomplishes: other people giving thanks to God for their blessings, other people celebrating and singing for joy because of what God has done for them. As we who are blessed seek to be a blessing to others, others begin the recognize God’s blessings and God’s grace in their lives, leading them to celebrate and give thanks to Almighty God. And so, Psalm 67 ends with these words: “Let God continue to bless us; let the far ends of the earth honor God!

May it be so! Thanks be to God.

God bless you, and stay well. I hope to see you in person again soon.
Pastor Dave