stewardship 2019


All Church Day of Thanks & Stewardship Sunday is November 18


  • A letter from Pastor David

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    What a year it has been! It has been a year full of blessings. As I look back, I give thanks to God for the ways our church has continued to grow and birth new ministries.

    Our new ministries include the development and growth of our Community Groups, training and deploying 30 people to serve as mentors in local elementary schools, a card ministry for veterans and vulnerable seniors, and the development of a new Bible Study. Meanwhile, we welcomed many new people into Desert Spring, we continued working in preparation to launch our Northwest Campus and we added technology to improve our on-line ministry. Andrew Devereaux received his first appointment as an Associate Pastor, and God blessed us with Jason Manlapaz, our new Director of Contemporary Music for both our Summerlin and Northwest congregations. It has been a good year.

    Of course, the year brought some challenge as well. Over recent months, we had to say goodbye to an unprecedented number of families who moved from Las Vegas. We also lost a number of our saints to death. We miss our loved ones who are no longer with us, regardless of the reason. Having lost nearly 100 people is enough to cripple most churches, but not Desert Spring. Even as we have been saying goodbye to loved ones, many new people have arrived and become a part of our church. As a result, Desert Spring remains healthy and strong!

    Looking toward next year, we are excited to announce the launch of our second campus: Desert Spring Northwest. Worship will begin on January 6, at 9:00 am, in the auditorium of Somerset Academy Skye Canyon, a newly constructed charter school. In addition, we are making plans to expand our Community Groups, develop a Filipino Ministry, and expand our Senior Care ministry. We are looking forward to new people joining us and new ministries being born. Meanwhile, we will continue to mentor at least four United Methodist Churches toward growth and vitality. And, there is more. We are growing to serve! I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do among us as we move forward with our plans.

    In order to fund our growth, I anticipate a 7% increase to our annual budget, amounting to an increase of approximately $80,000 over anticipated income for 2018. This is a big increase, but given our growth over recent years, it is a goal we can achieve. I ask you to join me in prayerfully considering how you will be able to financially participate to help fund our growing ministries, remembering we are growing to serve. 

    I invite you to fill out a pledge card either online or in person as a way of setting a goal for your giving in 2019. On Sunday, November 18, we are having our annual “All Church Day of Thanks.” During worship, we will invite people to bring their pledge cards forward as an act of worship. If you are unable to be present on November 18th, know that you can drop your pledge card in the offering plate on following Sundays, or mail it/drop it by the church. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the pledge card on our website:

    During the weeks to come, please join me in daily praying for our church. I have enclosed a prayer I will be praying each morning.

    Pastor Dave   

  • a STEWARDSHIP prayer

    Grounded in faith, growing to serve

    As we prepare for ministry in the upcoming year, we invite you to join with us in praying this prayer each day through the month of November:

    Loving God, we thank you for all with which you have blessed us. We thank you for the opportunities we have to bless the lives of others. And, we thank you for Desert Spring church, and our place within your church. As we look toward 2019, we pray for a successful stewardship campaign, that we will have all the resources needed to accomplish what faithfulness requires as we continue our ministry of developing deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • 2019 pledge card

    If you would like to submit your pledge card online, please CLICK HERE.

    If you would like to print a paper pledge card to bring to church, please CLICK HERE.

    Pledge cards are also available at church in the back of the pews. 

  • 2018/2019 sTEWARDSHIP REPORT

    2018 Update

    2018 Annual Budget - $1,145,800

    Income through September - $ 812,056

    Expenses through September - $ 863,261

    2018 end of the year income projection - $1,125,000

    Note: These numbers do not include 2018 income and expense for the Northwest campus

    Additional 2018 information

    1. We lost almost 100 people in 2018, and all but 6 were due to relocations—families moving out of Las Vegas. This increase in relocations is directly related to the improved economy.

    2. Five of these families gave approximately 35,000 to our annual budget, and helps explain our current financial position.

    3. We are recovering! Currently our net loss is at about 50 people, and over the next few months we should recover fully.

    4. We do have one new family whose giving is in the top givers in the church. However, the loss of so many people over such a short period of time is being considered in our budget goals for the upcoming year. As a result, 2018 income, not budget, is the starting place for considering our budget for 2019.

    2019 Budget Goals

    2019 estimated budget - $1,344,000

    2019 Northwest Campus income - $ 140,000

    2019 stewardship goal - $1,204,000

    % of increase over 2018 projected income - 7%

    2019 Ministry Goals

    1. Launch the Northwest Campus

    a. Grow to 100 people by the end of the year

    b. 40 new people to the church

    2. Expand Community Groups

    a. 4 community group opportunities over the course of the year

    b. 50% growth in the number of groups and participants

    3. Expand Senior Care giving ministry

    a. Senior visitation

    b. Senior programs

    4. Continue developing plans for a Filipino Ministry

    5. Mentor with 4 United Methodist Churches toward vitality

    6. Continue developing and expanding on line ministry

    a. Podcasts

    b. Improvements in on line worship experience

    i. Worship templates

    ii. Consistency

    7. Development of a Preparedness/Emergency Plan for the church

    8. Improve Connection Center

    a. Evaluation of location

    b. Improvements to communications

    9. Complete remodel of East Wing courtyard

    10. Add at least 3 new “Emerging Ministries”

    Next year is an important year in our development as a church. I ask you to pray for our church, that we will faithfully respond to the leading of God as Desert Spring continues to develop deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ—people who love God, love others and transform the greater community!

  • Pastor David recently asked our congregation to complete the phrase, "At Desert Spring, I am growing as a deeply committed follower of Jesus Christ through ____."

    Here are a few responses we received:

    "Meaningful worship and music"

    "Community group sharing"

    "Caring for those in need"

    "Strengthening my commitment to the Lord"

    "A sense of belonging and acceptance"

    "The Holy Spirit working in me"

    Here is how Pastor David answered, "At Desert Spring, I am growing as a deeply committed follower of Jesus Christ through worship, relationship with inspiring Christians and experiencing miracles."

    How would you answer that phrase?

Stewardship 2019