Devotional – December 21, 2020

Lydia Devereaux’s Devotional

Matthew 1:21
She will bear a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”

We do a lot of WAITING around Christmas time. Waiting until it is close enough to December 25th to start listening to the Christmas station, waiting to decorate our house and tree, waiting in line to buy presents for our family, and of course, the hardest part – waiting for Santa to come. Advent is about waiting, too. The season of Advent is a time of waiting and preparing for the celebration of baby Jesus’ birth on Christmas!

Sometimes the best things are the ones we have to wait for. I love the Advent season, because it’s all about preparing for something really special and exciting. A lot of the most special traditions that we have are the ones that come from our waiting and preparing. We decorate our homes, we listen to Christmas carols, we learn all about the birth of Jesus, we drink hot cocoa and spend time with family – all in anticipation of this amazing day, Christmas, when a tiny baby was born in a miraculous way. God sent us his son, because of his great love for us. Jesus was born to save you and me. I think that’s well worth the wait!

Heavenly Father, thank you for the miracle of Christmas. Thank you for sending your love down to save us. We pray for your peace and light as we spend this Advent season preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. May we enjoy the wait, spending time with our families, and making every moment special in anticipation of the birth of Christ – our hope!