Sermon Series

"Sinning Like a Christian - 

The Seven Deadly Sins & Living Well Together"

Sunday, Feb. 16 - Sunday, Apr. 5

“Sinning Like a Christian – The Seven Deadly Sins & Living Well Together”

Think of sin like a tree: the trunk is idolatry; and from the trunk grows seven limbs. Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust. 

The Seven Deadly Sins are the kinds of things that work against true community. 

But, Jesus calls us to live as brothers and sisters – part of a family, the family of God. 

In this sermon series, we will wrestle with how to truly live as the family of God.


Feb. 16 - Temptation. What does temptation do to our lives?

Feb. 23 - Pride. Pride is having an incorrect self-image.

Mar. 1 - Envy. Envy grieves over the good fortune of others.

Mar. 8 - Anger. Anger's power to consume us.

Mar. 15 - Sloth. Sloth is a sin against time, potential, ourselves and the will of God.

Mar. 22 - Greed. Our lives are worth more than the abundance of our possessions.

Mar. 29 - Gluttony. Gluttony forces us to ask hard questions - what do we most desire in life?

Apr. 5 - Palm Sunday - Lust. When sexual desire is separated from God's intent for this good gift, it becomes something different.