Sandy Valley Food Pantry

Construction of the Food Pantry

Begins on March 21 at 7:45am

Congratulations, Desert Spring Church! We raised almost $84,000 to build and sustain a food pantry capable of feeding 500 people per month in Sandy Valley, Nevada. 

February 2020 update:

Plans have been developed to create the space needed for the pantry at Keystone, a non profit in Sandy Valley with whom we are partnering. 

These plans include: remodeling some existing space that will be used for the pantry, constructing a barn shed to provide food storage space, and update some common spaces within the building to better care for the community coming to access the pantry and other programs.

We have chosen the date of Saturday, March 21 to work on all three building projects with the hope of completing construction in one day. We will meet at Desert Spring Summerlin at 7:45am to carpool out to Sandy Valley.

Two members of Desert Spring Church, Pastor David Devereaux and Bill Crenshaw, have been elected to the Keystone Board of Directors. 

The Board of Directors has hired a staff person to help prepare for and then manage the pantry. They would like to welcome Sarah Isola, and are grateful for her commitment to this project.  

Scroll down to video an announcement video from Sunday, Feb. 2.

I would like to help with construction on Saturday, March 21 >>

Sandy Valley, Nevada Quick Facts:

1. Approximately 2,700 people live in Sandy Valley. The most recent census indicates that about 15% of the Sandy Valley population lives under the poverty line. Of these, almost 23% are under 18, and 9% are 65 and over. This is almost double the percent of the population living under the poverty line in Las Vegas, and four times those under 18.

2. Sandy Valley is an unincorporated community about one hour from Desert Spring Church. Sandy Valley is considered a "food desert", a place where fresh produce and whole foods are unavailable. The nearest grocery store is in Las Vegas.

3. Three Square, our local Food Bank, has determined that a food pantry capable of feeding up to 500 people per month is needed to meet the food insecurity in Sandy Valley.

4. Desert Spring Church and Keystone Enrichment Foundation (a non profit in Sandy Valley), have joined forces with the goal of building a sustainable food pantry on Keystone property to meet this need.

5. Three Square Food Bank will deliver food to the Food Pantry 3 - 4 times per month. Food will include fresh produce, meat and dairy. In addition, they will provide dry good for 9 cents per pound.

6. Desert Spring Church will remain the fiscal agent for the food pantry for ease of obtaining grants in order to sustain the Food Pantry well into the future. This project is not a short term solution, but the beginning of a long term relationship between Desert Spring Church, Keystone Enrichment Foundation and Three Square Food Bank. 

February, 2020 Update