Celebration of Black History


February is celebrated as Black History Month. During the observed month, the advancements, the contributions, the diaspora, the fine arts of the culture, and the struggle in America from the past to the present is retold. Next month we will take an uncommon journey and celebrate the sacred music of the African American people and the voices that sang them.

The people I speak of are the ones who prayed to a powerful God and with him all things are possible. These were the voices of people who came and endured trials, and heartache and sang through it all. We will hear their voices and songs, their cries, their prayers, their hopes, and their sorrows through the music.

Because of Christ’s resurrection power in us, we shall all overcome. So come and walk with us as we sing our way through the month with God’s music: the spirituals, hymns, gospels, and contemporary gospel. Hear, and listen to the deeply passionate reason why we sing this sacred music and be intensely moved.

It may be your reason to.
We sing because we’re happy
We sing because we’re free
His eye’s on the sparrow
That’s the reason why we sing.
Glory, hallelujah
He’s the reason why we sing.