Celebrating Diversity – Black History Month

Diversity is a gift from God. And Desert Spring is a diverse church. Celebrating our diversity means that we recognize and honor our differences.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for all people, and each one of us comes to the body of Christ with different gifts and experiences and backgrounds that enrich the body and give witness to the wisdom and power of God’s love – that brought us all together.

Diversity is our greatest strength and during black history month we celebrate the diversity of Desert Spring.

Over the coming weeks we will post articles from some of our members.

These articles will discuss how relationships with people of different ethnicities and races have affected their lives and impacted their understanding of community.

God has blessed Desert Spring with a tremendous diversity of people and gifts that enrich us all and give us everything we need to be faithful in ministry. We hope that you will join us in celebrating our diversity during black history month.