Be A Guest On Our Podcast – We Want You!

The church staff hopes that you have been watching or listening to our “Wednesday Word” podcasts. The purpose of the podcast is to provide listeners a mid-week refresh by sharing our insights into Pastor David’s Wednesday Devotionals and to give us a chance to reflect on our own faith stories as well.

We have already released three podcasts! We have really been enjoying recording these for you. It has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know more about each other’s faith journeys and laugh at our stories. But the podcast guests have been mostly staff, and we know you all have stories and insights we need to hear!

We would love to have you as a guest on the podcast! It is easy and fun to share our faith journeys with each other. Even if you don’t think so, you have a lot to share about your faith journey and how God has worked in your life. You are not committing to a regular rotation; we just ask that you try it!

Our guests receive an advance copy of the devotional on Monday, and then we gather in the Prayer Chapel on Tuesday at 10:30am to discuss it. Podcast recording takes about an hour to complete. You don’t have to dress up or worry about messing up. The podcast is taped, and we can edit out any mistakes.

Please fill out this SHORT FORM if you would like to be a guest! We can’t wait to welcome you.