Mental Health & the Christian Faith – Sermon Series & Workshops

50% of young people say they are dealing with anxiety, 40% with loneliness and 39% with depression. And with the impact of the pandemic, all of us are dealing with grief. Research shows the importance of faith and spirituality when it comes to mental health.

Companion Workshops are led by licensed marriage and family therapist and Desert Spring Church member, Jim Dart.

The Prevalence of Grief
Sermon Recording

Loneliness & Isolation
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Anxiety and Depression
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Ash Wednesday, Mar. 2 at 6:00pm

Sermon Topic – Mortality and Eternal Life

Ash Wednesday reminds us of the need to be honest about our mortality and our need for God to be central in our life. It reminds us of our need to be honest about our sinfulness and need for forgiveness, and in doing so, ash becomes a sign of hope and resurrection.

Ash – a symbol of what needs to be changed in our life, and a symbol of the promise that we will be made new.