youth ministries

(6th grade - 12th grade)

  • Youth Sunday school

    sunday mornings, 9:30am

    Youth meet each Sunday morning during the 9:30am worship service for Sunday School. Senior High and Junior High have their own groups. Senior High Youth attend our worship service the first Sunday of each month during the 9:30am service.

  • potosi pines camp

    time to register for summer camp!

    Scroll down to see video at the bottom of this page

    Potosi Pines Camp is proud to be a part of the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. They are pleased to share the beautiful gift God has given us in Potosi Pines Camp.

    A big part of our ministry is to the children and youth of Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

    It's time to register your Elementary - Senior High kids for summer camp

    at Potosi Pines! 

    Summer 2018:

    Elementary Camp #1, June 4 - 8

    Younger Elementary Camp, June 21 - 23

    Elementary Camp #2, July 30 - August 3

    Junior High Camp, June 11 - 15

    Junior High Adventure Camp, June 25 - 29

    Senior High Adventure Camp, June 11 - 15

    Senior High Camp, June 25 - 29

    We have program goals that we follow, so all who come to camp will feel their lives have been renewed!

    Potosi Program Goals:

    1. We will work to insure campers are: physically and emotionally safe, have fun, and feel comfortable being who God created them to be.

    2. We will work to build confidence and leadership skills in all who participate in our programs.

    3. We will work to create a Christian community were all feel safe and loved by God. 

    4. We will work to build appreciation of God's creation and encourage all be active in its care. 

    Come sit on our porch, enjoy the beautiful desert surroundings and feel your life being renewed!! 

  • youth group

    Youth group is off for the summer

    we'll see you on august 19, 5:00pm

    for the parent potluck

    Youth Group meets each Sunday afternoon during the school year from 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Each Sunday the Youth experience one of the four "S"s - Spirit, Social, Skill and Service with the goal of growing as followers of Jesus Christ.

    Plan for our annual Parent Potluck and Paperwork Round Up on Sunday, August 19 at 5:00pm. Bring your favorite dish to share, and learn about all the exciting events for Youth for the school year. We will be filling out all necessary paperwork to get your Youth ready to participate.

  • counselors for christ (c4c)

    Our Counselors for Christ work at the United Methodist Church camp at Potosi Pines. C4C youth train to work with the elementary camps as counselors for a week every summer. 

    This year our C4C youth team will be counselors at the July 29 - August 3 Elementary 2 Camp at Potosi Pines United Methodist Camp.

  • welcome Wednesdays

    Welcome wednesdays is off for the summer

    we'll see you on August 22!

    Wednesday afternoon programming for youth each Wednesday of the school year from 2:30pm - 5:30pm. 

    Homework Hall is available for the kids to work on their homework from 2pm - 4:30pm, if they have lots to do.

    2pm - 3:30pm - Munch & Mingle

    Grab a snack and catch up with your friends

    3:30pm - 4:30pm - Wednesday Workshops

    Workshops will change every week

    4:30pm - 5pm - Move It!

    Outside game time

    5pm - 5:30pm - Mid-week check-in

    Fill your tank with a mini devo & mid-week check-in to keep you going until Sunday

2018 summer youth calendar

Click HERE to view or download the 2018 Summer Calendar for Youth

A few highlights:

June 6 - 8       Junior High Mission Week

June 21            Summer Solstice Splash Water Play Day

July 6               Meet up at the movies

July 14 - 22      Senior High Mission Trip

August 10 - 11   Back to School Lock-In

August 19         Parent Potluck & Paperwork Round-Up

potosi pines camp