A Prayer for Our Community

A Prayer for Our Community from Pastor David
Our hearts are heavy. The news of the active shooter at UNLV is heartbreaking and leaves us feeling a whole array of emotions. Some of our people are students and some are faculty members. Some of our people heard the gunshots, and some know folks hurt by the gunfire. While we have yet to hear if anyone from Desert Spring was a victim of the shooting, we do know there are victims, and (again) it is heartbreaking. In times like these, we turn to God for healing and strength.
Let us pray:
God of love and mercy, we come before you with heavy hearts concerned for our sisters and brothers impacted by the shooting at UNLV. For those who lost loved ones we pray for comfort and strength. For those injured in the shooting, we pray for healing. For the many students and faculty members traumatized by the shootings, we ask for your grace sufficient for every need.
Lord Jesus, with groans too deep for words we live this day. For we are aware that as we prepare to light our second Advent candle this Sunday—the candle of peace—there is no peace. Come Lord Jesus come and bring your peace. Make us instruments for your healing and peace. For we long for the day when your peace comes upon us and your peace reigns among us. Until that day, we commit ourselves to you and your work of healing in our community. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray. Amen.