A Different Kind of Christmas

Each year, in an effort to keep Jesus Christ the focus of Christmas, Desert Spring Church does Christmas a little differently. We choose a mission project to bless, one that will stretch us and keep our focus on gifts worthy of Jesus' birth.

How do we raise the money? We ask Desert Spring folks to willingly give up receiving one gift and instead to participate in the mission. And, instead of giving a gift to people who don't really need them, we ask people to give a gift to the mission project in honor of friends and family. We ask Desert Spring children if they would like to give up receiving one gift in order that those funds go to the mission.

In addition, our entire Christmas Eve offering goes to our chosen partner.

The goal of "A Different Kind of Christmas" is simple; let's make Christmas about Jesus!

2020 Project

Our 2020 Different Kind of Christmas Project  is to create the Desert Spring Community Resource Center

to help meet the needs of families struggling financially due to the pandemic. 


  • The pandemic has impacted all our lives. For some, the impact has included financial hardship. 
  • Three Square, our local food bank, estimates 18.2% of people living in the zip code of the church (89144) are food insecure. This amounts to more than 3500 people, and is almost double the number of people who were struggling prior to the pandemic. 
  • Other zip codes near the church report a similar story. There are many, many people who are financially struggling, some for the first time in their lives.


Our goal is to raise $80,000. 

We have a lead gift of $10,000, so we are well on our way toward meeting the goal. 

The lead gift has made it possible to begin phase 1 of the plan immediately.

The money raised will:

  • Purchase food to distribute to people in need
  • Provide staff support to operate the Resource Center
  • Provide additional types of financial and emotional support for families that are struggling


Desert Spring Church is called to help meet the need. Our plan is to do so through the creation of the "Desert Spring Community Resource Center." In order to address the need for food as soon as possible, we will develop the Resource Center in phases.

  • Phase 1: We will partner with Three Square, our local food bank, to open a mobile food distribution location at Desert Spring Church. We will have two food distributions per month. Distributions will be held on Saturday mornings in the church parking lot. Families in need will be informed of the opportunity to receive free food through the local schools, libraries, community centers and police department. 

Dates & Times of next distributions:

Sat. Jan. 9 @ 11am

Sat. Jan 23 @ 11am

  • Phase 2: We will open a food pantry at Desert Spring Church in order to have food available for families who are unable to come to the scheduled Saturday food distributions. Days and hours the pantry will be open will be determined by the needs of the families we serve.
  • Phase 3: We know that many people struggle with more than food insecurity at this time. So, phase 3 will expand our assistance to meet additional needs. The types of assistance and programs that will be developed will be driven by the expressed needs of families who receive food through our pantry and Saturday distributions.


  • A gift of $1 provides 3 meals of wholesome food
  • A gift of $19 provides 30 meals for a family in need
  • A gift of $60 provides a family of four with 3 meals a day for 15 days
  • A gift of $120 provides a family of four with food for a month
  • A gift of $1,000 provides resources we can use to help families with needs beyond food\
  • A gift of $4,000 provides a commercial refrigerator for the food pantry allowing us to have food available for families during the week.

The more we raise, the more we can do to help families struggling due to the pandemic!

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Printable donation cards and brochures are below. 

Donation cards are available two sided - four to a page, or one to a page.

Thank you!



  • Congratulations! 

    We raised almost $84,000

    to build and sustain a food pantry

    capable of feeding 500 people per month

    in sandy valley, nevada

    Scroll down to view the videos

    We are proud to announce that not only did we meet our goal of $60,000, we surpassed our goal and raised the most ever for "A Different Kind of Christmas" project.

    Thank you for your generous support!

    Get the latest Sandy Valley Food Pantry updates here >>

  • Quick  facts

    1. Approximately 2,700 people live in Sandy Valley. The most recent census indicates that about 15% of the Sandy Valley population lives under the poverty line. Of these, almost 23% are under 18, and 9% are 65 and over. This is almost double the percent of the population living under the poverty line in Las Vegas, and four times those under 18. 

    2. Sandy Valley is an unincorporated community about one hour from Desert Spring Church. Sandy Valley is considered a "Food Desert" a place where fresh produce and whole foods are unavailable. The nearest grocery store is in Las Vegas.

    3. Three Square, our local Food Bank, has determined that a food pantry capable of feeding up to 500 people per month is needed to meet the food insecurity in Sandy Valley.

    4. Desert Spring Church and Keystone Enrichment Foundation (a non profit in Sandy Valley), have joined forces with the goal of building a sustainable food pantry on Keystone property to meet this need.

    5. Three Square Food Bank will deliver food to the Food Pantry 3 - 4 times per month. food will include fresh produce, meat and dairy. In addition, they will provide dry good for 9 cents per pound.

    6. Desert Spring Church will remain the fiscal agent for the food pantry for ease of obtaining grants in order to sustain the Food Pantry well into the future. This project is not a short term solution, but the beginning of a long term relationship between Desert Spring Church, Keystone Enrichment Foundation and Three Square Food Bank. 

2019 "A Different Kind of Christmas" Project

Food Pantry in Sandy Valley, Nevada




  • goal - $50,000

    raised - $54,000

    for Cambodian Street Children's Ministry

    Scroll down to view a thank you video from Cambodia

    Congratulations, Desert Spring Church!

    Our 2018 goal of raising $50,000 for Cambodia Street Children's Ministry was surpassed! 

    We raised $54,000 to help feed, clothe and educate the children living in extreme poverty in Cambodia. You are truly transforming the global community by extending the love of Jesus Christ to people half a world away. God bless you. 

  • 2018 A Different Kind of Christmas project

    Cambodian Street Children's Ministry

    Throughout the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh, communities of “shack-towns” are set up. New families arrive weekly joining the squalor.

    Children live as “street children” searching for a means to provide for their own survival. Older children are watching over their younger brothers and sisters. Many are living with small groups of other children.

    Some children have living parents with HIV/AIDS or other serious ailments; without choices, they entrust their children to orphanages. Recently the Government has moved these marginalized families to communities away from the city where there are no schools, no sources of income, no clean drinking water, and no spiritual, economic, or health access and support. 

    The goals of the Cambodian Street Children's Ministry (CSCM) are to provide basic needs to meet day-to-day challenges: clean water, food, clothing, housing, spiritual guidance and community.

    But just as important, its goal is to help the children discover the life outside their community of poverty, and that a brighter future is possible!

    Through CSCM, children on the margins are provided with survival support. Children are taught respect and trust. Children are provided education and opportunities to build self-esteem. Children are shown how to become effective members of community.

    CSCM is a United Methodist Church Global Ministry, and is fully vetted by the United Methodist Church. 100% of your gifts go directly to this ministry.

    To get more information about CSCM, please use this link to connect with UMCCambodia.org.

July 2019 Update

Cambodian Street Children's Ministry

Thank you, Desert Spring Church!