missions/outreach ministries



    Thursday, october 26, 1pm - 4pm

    Volunteers regularly go to the Three Square Food Pantry to help pack food for the hungry of the Las Vegas Valley. Our next work day Thursday, October 26 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. If you would like to carpool from Desert Spring Church, please meet us in the parking lot at 12:15pm.  

    Come as a family ages 10 and up or by yourself to work a shift.

    The dress code is closed toe shoes, no tank tops and no short shorts, please.

    For more information on our Tuesday group, please contact Diane Dempsey at scs20quilter@gmail.com.

    For more information on our Thursday group, please contact Gail Eason-Steele at GEMmum@AOL.com.


  • the walk to Emmaus
    2017 dates announced
    women's walk - October 19 - 22

    What is the walk to Emmaus?

    The Walk to Emmaus is a journey with Christ (as shared in Luke 24:13-35), while getting to know a group of wonderful like-minded Christian men and women (the men's and women's walks are held on separate weekends).

    It is a three day weekend beginning on a Thursday evening and running through Sunday afternoon; open to members of any Christian denomination and is for the development of Christian leaders who have a desire to strengthen their spiritual lives, may have unanswered questions about their faith, understand that being a Christian involves responsibility and are willing to dedicate their everyday lives to God in an ongoing manner.

    The 2017 walks will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Las Vegas. The men's walk was held on October 5 - 8, and the women's walk will be held October 19 - 22.


  • family promise homeless ministry

    next host week October 29 - November 5

    Desert Spring Church is proud to partner with Family Promise of Las Vegas to help local homeless families secure jobs and homes. We house several families for one week several times per year. We give them shelter, food and fellowship, and we are blessed in return.

    There’s a huge reward in connecting with people who are different than you, and seeing the results of your donated time, food, and genuine care.

    Family Promise returns to Desert Spring UMC Sunday Oct. 29th, and for seven days we are called to welcome, feed, shelter, and care for parents and children who are working to change their life. We’re just one of 22 Faith Communities here in Las Vegas who work to keep Families together during this tough transition.

    How can you help? By putting your Faith into action! We’re looking for set-up, dinner hosts, evening hosts and overnight hosts to assure our Guests they have a safe and nurturing place to rest and re-charge for the next day of interviews, work, school, training and normal daily life….the daily life you and I take for granted.

    If you can’t be here in person, you can help with donations of breakfast or lunch food items that help our Guests save their resources for the new life they are building. For details, look for the sign-up sheet in the lobby, or ask someone in our Church Family what Family Promise is about. Chances are very good that someone you know here at Desert Spring is a part of the Family Promise Team. 

    Questions: Please contact Bob Lathrop, Family Promise Coordinator at bob.lathrop@gmail.com.


  • operation vegas heroes
    donations needed for local veterans
    donations will be collected on sunday, november 5

    This project was adopted by the Desert Spring Church Missions team 4 years ago in conjunction with American Legion Post 149. 

    Operation Vegas Heroes helps veterans who have returned home injured and in need of assistance on so many levels. We at Desert Spring Church continue to make a real difference in the lives of these recovering heroes. Often our veterans have to choose medication over other essential necessities. Today, we can help them by providing any part of the list below.


    Wal-Mart, KMart, Target, or Grocery Gift Cards ($25.00 increments)

    or a check written in any amount to Desert Spring Church and clearly marked Operation Vegas Heroes on the memo line

    Baby wipes

    Bleach / Laundry Detergent

    Breakfast Cereal / granola bars

    Canned soup / spaghetti-ohs

    Cup-A-Soup / Ramen Noodle

    Dental floss / dental picks


    Feminine hygiene items 

    Lip balm (Chapstick)


    Shampoo / Conditioner

    Shaving cream / Razors

    Single-serve, pre-packaged food items (Dinty Moore, etc)

    Soap / Shampoo / Conditioner

    Sunscreen / Skin Lotion

    Toilet Paper

    Toothpaste / toothbrushes

    Tuna / Sardines / Individual-Size Canned Goods

    These items will be collected on Sunday, November 5th. All are welcome to attend our worship services to thank our Las Vegas Veterans in attendance.

     *** Veterans and Active Military are invited to wear their uniforms.

  • las vegas rescue mission

    Thursday, November 9, 4pm

    Please join us in serving dinner at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission on

    Thursday, November 9. 

    A team from Desert Spring comes together the second Thursday of each month to provide for those less fortunate. We need you to help make a difference as we continue to develop deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ through this mission.

    We meet in the church parking lot at 4pm and we return at 7pm. Please let the church office you are coming so we can be assured we have enough seat belts for everyone.


  • coats needed

    for head start children

    Can you donate a clean, gently-used coat or warm jacket for a child . . . or perhaps shop for a NEW one in size 5 or 6? 

    Our Hearts & Hands ministry is collecting coats again this year for preschoolers who attend two Head Start Centers we serve. 

    The children are ages 3,4, and 5. (A size 5 is preferred for a child wearing size 4 clothing.) However, all small sizes can be used. We will match your coat with a waiting child! 

    Please put your gift donation in a bag and place in the Hearts & Hands bin in the Multipurpose Building lobby. Thank you again for your ongoing assistance to these local children!  

  • street teens

    donations needed

    The Desert Spring Mission team is assisting Street Teens with donations of needed items.

    Street Teens helps homeless & disadvantaged youth between the ages of 12 and 21. They provide a hot evening meal, shower and laundry facilities, and a safe compassionate environment each evening.

    United Methodist Women's Ruth Circle has supported Street Teens with financial contributions each month.

    However, they still need these items:

    Canned & Boxed Nonperishable Food Items

    Hygiene Products

    Laundry Detergent

    You can bring your donation to the church and place it in the donation bin inside the Multi-Purpose Room lobby. Thank you!


  • Desert Spring's hunger helpers

    receive award for service

    Congratulations to Desert Spring's Hunger Helpers team on their recognition for faithful service to Three Square food bank. God uses our church family in amazing ways!

  • common ground team

    hands out socks to homeless

    The Common Ground ministry works toward making relationships and meaningful connections with our neighbors. On Saturday, September 30, members of the Common Ground team handed out socks at "Day of Dignity" in service to the Las Vegas homeless community. 

  • messengers senior living worship

    The Messengers ministry was born out of a desire to provide meaningful worship for residents of assisted living facilities who would otherwise be unable to attend worship.

    At present we have teams serving two different assisted living facilities:

    The Atria Team led by Wayne Williams on the 1st & 3rd Sundays

    The Pacifica Team led by Carolyn Wood each Sunday

    Periodically, our Youth Group participates in these services and the residents particularly love it when they are there.

    We ask for your prayers around this ministry, both for those who lead and for htose who participate. If you would ike to join in this special service opportunity, please contact Carolyn Wood, torch451@embarqmail.com

  • a prayer request from our missionaries

    the bremer family

    serving in bolivia

    The Bremers are a missionary family serving Bolivia. It is Desert Spring's privilege to help support the Bremer family and their mission.

    The photo is of the Bremers praying in their prayer shawls that come from Desert Spring's prayer shawl ministry.

    Excerpts from "The Bremer Brief", August 2017:

    Until arriving in Bolivia, we never fully understood biblical passages crying out for justice or the call for perseverance. In only six months, we've been extorted for a massive sum, threatened with incarceration, were scheduled for a police interrogation and have been harassed. We've been in a car accident and had extreme family illness.  We've even been locked down in a café during a deadly shoot out. We've been attacked from every angle.

    We've prayed hard and often about whether we should stay or leave, in light of it all. For now, we both agree, God is calling us to stay. So we carry on. Despite the trials, we have both felt the Lord's presence and protection. Our children have been shielded completely. This has spared them and they remain happy and secure. Our children do not suffer and we thank the Lord immensely.

    Would you please pray for justice and mercy to reign in this country? Please pray that God would be glorified and that the saving power of Jesus Christ would transform this nation.

    Thank you for your support, your prayers and for walking with us through it all.


  • a different kind of christmas

    Each year, Desert Spring does Christmas a little differently.

    We call it “A Different Kind of Christmas”.

    For Christians, Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. At Desert Spring, each Christmas we choose a mission project to give as a gift to our community. We intentionally choose ambitious projects that will stretch us, gifts worthy of Jesus’ birth.

    Three years ago, we saved the lives of 6,200 children who would have otherwise died of Malaria through a partnership with Imagine No Malaria. Two years ago, we built a Habitat for Humanity home for a family of ten. Last year we fed the hungry 150,000 meals through a partnership with Three Square. In 2016 we raised over $35,000 for the Veterans Transition Resource Center to help active duty military, veterans and their families.

    How do we raise the money? We ask Desert Spring folks to willingly give up receiving gifts and instead to participate in the mission. And, instead of giving gifts to people who don’t really need them, we ask people to give gifts in honor of friends and family by participating in the mission. We ask Desert Spring children if they would like to give up receiving one gift in order that those funds go to the mission. The goal of “A Different Kind of Christmas” is simple; Let’s make Christmas about Jesus!

    A word from Brian Burton, CEO of Three Square, "I am SO excited having visited Desert Spring UMC and experiencing at close range, feeling the genuine enthusiasm and mission heart of your church! Your pastoral leadership is solid – high energy -- and your lay leadership is incredible – such passion and joy. I can’t get over how much thoughtful time and preparation you and others have invested in this partnership. It is clear that you are getting the word out about a Different Kind of Christmas. I appreciate very much Pastor David giving me the opportunity to share in your worship services last Sunday. I have rarely felt such a heartfelt welcome as I have at Desert Spring. The added gift this week at Three Square is that three different people – all members of your church – were here and stopped me in the hallway to express their gratitude and excitement about this project!"

    in 2017, Desert Spring looks forward to giving Jesus another gift worthy of our Savior.

  • giving tree

    Through the Giving Tree program, Desert Spring provides children from Head Start Centers a Christmas gift, and each family receives enough food for a holiday feast.

    In 2016, Desert Spring provided gifts and holiday meals for 250 children and their families.

  • second africa university mission trip

    for bob and marion bell

    The United Methodist Church's investment in Africa University now goes into scholarships for students - especially orphans and females - who are hardworking and socially engaged, but have no way to pay for a university education on their own. 

    God has enriched Africa with many commodities and treasures. Unfortunately, many countries have historically been exploited, and today have high unemployment rates, homelessness and starvation. Yet Africa University is poised to continue making a tremendous difference throughout the continent of Africa, by providing advanced training and preparation for people from more than 26 countries, and building leadership and other skills to stabilize and positively impact the continent for generations to come. 

    The Vice Chancellor of Africa University said, "The university matters because a relevant and holistic education generates a living legacy that changes everything."

    Bob and Marion Bell, from Desert Spring,  contributed their time and talents to the university, and arrived back home on December 19, 2016.

    Here are a few words from Dr. Marion Bell regarding their most recent trip to AU, "Thank you all for the warm welcome we received when we returned on Dec. 19. We had an excellent experience, but it is so good to be home. I was so busy, I could not write a BLOG this time, as I did in 2014. We have many wonderful experiences to share. Some of you have heard me say I had nearly 400 students. The actual number was 383. I taught Transformational Leadership which involves teaching leaders to lead with a focus on “Change,” particularly where change is essential, as the case is in most of the African countries. And, the other major component is to “Inspire” others to lead. As many of you are aware, the continent of Africa is rich in more natural resources than any other continent, and yet people are begging on the streets and starving. Africa University states in its Mission and Vision statements that they are a Leadership University; however, Leadership was not offered as a course to undergraduate students. The student population is comprised of students who reside in 26 different countries. Once they learn to lead with integrity, compassion and love, they will become “World Changers” and Africa will be the continent God intended.

    It was a privilege to teach at Africa University, and Bob and I are so grateful to all of you for your prayers and your financial support. It is because of your generosity that we were able to assist the Africans. We cannot thank you enough. God bless you all!"